Tiny House Owners: Advantages of Booking Software for Rentals & Guest Stays

Posted on: 11 May 2017

Owning a tiny house is a great way to have your own little vacation spot, but what about all the times that it's not in use? If the house is isolated and on its own piece of property, then you can easily use the location to make a little extra money through rentals. Tiny houses are all the rage right now and people love staying in the small homes.

As you plan to open up your tiny house for guest stays, it's a good idea to look into booking software. This can help you plan all different aspects of the rental process and streamline it to eliminate a lot of the work on your end.

Booking Calendars

Easily organize the use and rental of your tiny house using a specific booking calendar. The software can automate what days you have the tiny house available for rental. For example, if you are keeping it shut down for the winter or plan on using it during a month out of the year, then those options can appear unavailable on the calendar. The digital calendar and organization can also help prevent double bookings or clerical errors.

Rental Agreements

When renting out your tiny house, you want to ensure that you have a signed rental agreement that goes over the rules and regulations for the home. Booking software often used for cabins can be used for tiny houses and includes all of these agreements. It can help set guidelines, add in your own personal requests, and must be read and agreed upon before a reservation is even taken. If a problem ever occurs, you can easily go back to this agreement.

Payments & Deposits

Dealing with payments is made easy when using booking software. A deposit or full payment can be made directly through the software. This lets you avoid the hassle of collecting any payments or fees when you're checking people in or out of the tiny house. It can also help you keep track of your booking a lot easier.

Automated Notifications

As you start taking bookings, you will be dealing with multiple guests on a daily basis. A lot of the busy work that comes with this can be avoided through the process of automated notifications. Emails can be sent out to desks in the days leading up to their stay at your tiny house. This includes house rules, directions, and check-in reminders. Once this is done with all of your guests, it makes it a lot easier to keep a flow going on your rental property.

A booking software can help you easily get set up and customize the software to your needs. Learn more about your options by contacting services like FRONT DESK BOOKING.