Things To Research Online Before You Book Your Motel Room

Posted on: 4 May 2016

Even if you're in a hurry to book your motel room and get back to planning the other details your trip, you need to remember that checking into the right motel can make a good trip even better. Factors such as the motel's nightly room rate, availability of free breakfast and the assorted features on the property will play a role in your selection, but there are some other things to spend some time researching before you make the confirmation. Here are some things you should remember to look up before you book the room.

Is The Motel Pet-Friendly?

If you're taking your family pet on your vacation, you need to be sure that you can visit the motel with the pet in tow. Many motels do accept pets for a small, additional fee. Make sure to confirm this fee in advance so there are no surprises at the time of your check-in; the last thing you want to do is arrive and find out that you can't stay because of your pet. If a motel's website doesn't clearly define its pet policy, give a quick call to the front desk. It's better to know this information with 100 percent certainty in advance.

How Clean Is It?

Virtually every motel will say that it's clean on its website, but you want to be sure that the place you book meets your cleanliness standards -- especially when it comes to bed bugs. You can avoid any surprises by simply looking up the motel on the Bed Bug Registry website. If your prospective motel isn't listed, you can count on it being clean and ready for you and your family to visit. Additionally, visiting an online review site and reading the comments of former hotel guests will give you a clear indicator of the establishment's cleanliness.

Is It Close To Any Attractions?

You'll likely book a motel that is close to your driving route so that you don't have to travel out of your way, but it's worthwhile to check out an online map to see what is around the motel. It's obviously ideal if it's close to the tourist destinations you'll be visiting, but you should also take stock of its distance to simple things such as a grocery store, restaurants and even a gas station. Given that you'll often use these services when you travel, it's ideal if they're nearby where you'll be staying.

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