Four Ways To Get A Better Hotel Room ... Without Upping Your Rate

Posted on: 21 January 2016

When you're booking hotel accommodations online, you'll typically see a list of available room types and their associated rates. What you might appreciate knowing, however, is that once you've made your choice and showed up to the hotel, it's often possible to get an upgrade to a better style of room without a change in the rate that you've committed to pay. Getting this upgrade involves more than approaching the front desk and asking for a better room without having to pay for it. Being tactful with your request is valuable, but there are four additional ways to increase your chance of having your query fulfilled.

Don't Book The Cheapest Room

If you're in the process of booking your hotel room before your arrival and you expect to ask for a free upgrade, don't book the cheapest room offered by the property. Instead, it's advantageous to book a room with a mid-range rate; doing so shows the hotel staff that while you are indeed asking for a freebie, you've also demonstrated a willingness to pay more than the bare minimum.

Arrive Later Than The Check-In Time

Hotels typically permit guests to begin checking in for the night in the middle of the afternoon. At this early hour, management has no idea how many last-minute bookings will be made, which could deter your progress of getting an upgrade. It's better to arrive a little later; some people find success by checking in around the early evening. The later check-in means that there's less chance of last-minute guests arriving; as such, management will know how many of its prime rooms would otherwise sit vacant for the night.

Explain Your Reason

While there's technically no issue with simply asking for a room upgrade, it's often beneficial to provide some background for your request. Don't be afraid to share the details of why you're asking -- perhaps you and your spouse are enjoying your first night away from your kids in several months or maybe you and your college girlfriends are getting together for the first time in years. Providing this context can help to strengthen your request.

Give A Little

Think about giving a little to get a lot when you arrive at the hotel. Don't shy away from tipping -- if you tip the valet and bellhop right away, the concierge will likely notice and be more apt to upgrade you for free. In today's modern age, sending out a couple social media posts about your excitement for the hotel stay can provide the hotel with free publicity, which its management might also take into account when you make your request. Learn more about room upgrades by talking with hotels in your area.