How To Plan A Christmas Family Reunion In San Antonio

Posted on: 3 September 2015

Are you lucky enough to be going to San Antonio, Texas for a family reunion this Christmas? If so, you should be glad that you'll be there during the winter instead of during the hot summer months when the temperature can reach triple digit numbers. You might have cold days while you're in San Antonio, but they probably won't be severe enough to hamper all of your activities. If you have a big hand in planning the reunion, here are some ideas that might help.

Plan Your Lodging Now

San Antonio is a popular destination during every month of the year, and that includes December. What that means is that right now is the time to be making reservations so you'll have a place to stay.

The downtown area is a popular place for tourists to stay, especially on the famous Riverwalk. However, you need to know that prices downtown will be higher than in other parts of the city. The benefit of staying in the downtown area is that you'll be in walking distance of all the downtown activities.

Another idea is to get furnished suites which may hold entire families, depending on how many people are in each family. There are suites downtown, but don't limit yourself to that area. The suburbs have many furnished suites which may be less expensive than the ones you may find downtown.

Plan The Events

San Antonio is a city where history and modern day blend together to offer out-of-towners an array of unique events to experience. The manager of your suites will be happy to give you a list of popular places to visit. Of course, the downtown area offers attractions like the historic Alamo, the Mexican marketplace and the riverwalk. But don't forget to ask for tours of the beautiful old hotels, too. Even the gifts shops in some of the hotels look like museums!

Don't limit yourself to just San Antonio, either. Part of the charm of the area is getting to visit little towns like Fredericksburg, Boerne, Gruene, New Braunfels and Wimberley. The manager of your suites will be able to arrange for transportation that will get you to all of these places where you can see Christmas decorations in the little town squares that you will never forget. 

It's a great idea to send an agenda ahead of time that will include the place where you will be staying, the events that have been planned, and the type of clothing people should bring.